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Build a Stylish Copper Plant Stand

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Build a Stylish Copper Plant Stand

On this two hour workshop you'll learn some great workshop skills and leave with an elegant plant stand made with your very own hands. You'll transform a couple of lengths of copper pipe into this fantastic useful and stylish tabletop plant stand. How incredibly satisfying!

We'll start by teaching you how to cut copper accurately, using a brilliantly fun cutting tool that does all the hard work for you. No hacksaws, metal shavings or any other nasties, just a clean and satisfying cut!

Then move on to constructing your plant stand using our quick drying resin glue to secure it solidly in place. There's no soldering or welding required so dangerous stuff going on.

When it's done, choose from a stunning large black or white genuine marble hexagon tile to top off your design. At the widest point the tile is 30cm wide, so it can happily sit a big plant on it, or house a little selection of favourite plants and treasures.

Last of all you'll polish up the copper and tile to give it a lovely bright finish

When you've finished, you'll be able to carry home the finished copper stand. We'll provide a large waterproof bag to carry the stand in, and a cotton tote bag to carry the marble tile separately.

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