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If your remit includes taking care of the culture of your organisation, you've got a wonderful, rewarding and unpredictable day job. People are unique, so no matter how hard you work to see the trends, understand the wider context and the trends, they'll always surprise you. And that's what's great about them. Some of your best efforts at creating a great culture will be ignored, and others will be the surprise successes. Here’s how we can support you with getting your teams involved in our activities

Use our knowledge

We have been hosting craft and creative activities for years and we’ve got some pretty niche knowledge as a result. Talk to us and we’ll listen and try to get a feel for what type of activity will meet your needs best. Let us know if you want to spark creativity, let everyone wind down a bit, develop relationships or teach people skills that can help them with mental health wellbeing.

Provide local choice

We can provide activities at locations all over the UK – our team reaches from Exeter to Cumbria and is always growing. You don’t necessarily want to book the same activity for different sites though, so we can offer a consistent service and a single point of contact for different activities at different sites. The Taunton team may want macramé and the Manchester group like wood whittling – so let them choose locally and get the same standard of delivery and resources wherever they are

Pique people’s interest

We can provide copy and images and templates for printed materials that explain the activity and its benefits. We’ve been promoting our craft activities to the public successfully for 5 years, and we know what people feel drawn to - sometimes it might surprise you. We’ve got an ever growing bank of copy and images that entice people to our events. You may think you’ll only get the women along – you might be surprised!

Success on the day

We’ll bring an attractive modern set up with us and explain the benefits of the activity you’ve chosen to anyone interested. It’s laid back and relaxed and we’ll fit in anywhere you put us, whether it’s in a breakout area, a meeting room or a foyer. We’ll also happily use any method you like to collect data and feedback

Follow up and build on the good work

We’ll provide you with follow up information for anyone who’d like to build on the skills. We can offer discounts for your people to our public workshops, or set up a monthly craft club for them where they can try something new each time, or bring a regular event like our Knit Club
Get in touch to find out more about how we can help you create the kind of work culture you want .

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