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Creativity/Mindfulness - Carve and Print with Lino

· Drop-in Activities,Timed Activities,For Creativity,For Mindfulness

We've all tried it in school - but Lino Cutting has totally moved on since then. No more hard horrid brittle lino and stabbing your hands, now we use soft, flexible and gentle-to-carve lino. Sketch out your idea, or use one of our templates, then ink up your lino and print. Have fun creating repeating patterns in all the different combinations and colours, carefully lining up the lino and watch your image appear on paper

In our timed workshops, you can create one or even two linos, and print with lino inks in different colours.

For drop-in, cut a smaller square lino, and print it using pigment ink stamps.

Perfect for:

Creativity, Mindfulness

What's included

For timed sessions

Plenty of lino

A lino tool to take away with you

All the materials you need to print in the session

For drop-ins

Plenty of little lino squares

All the ink and paper you need in the session

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