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Mindfulness - Knit Club for Beginners

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Several years ago, when the rise of the modern craft movement was getting underway, knitting was the first craft that caught the spotlight. Once considered a bit of a granny craft, a younger generation were taking it up in droves. Fast forward to today, and knitting has firmly established itself and it's popularity is steadily growing.

Recent research by Perkbox showed that knitting clubs were one of the most wanted staff perks - rating higher than traditional ones like sabbaticals and even on a par with free drinks on Fridays. And with good reason. It's easy to take up, you can carry it around with you, it's incredibly mindful and you can make all your Christmas gifts. (They don't even have to be awful jumpers, it's perfectly possible to make something lovely and useful!)

Our knit club is simple. We bring a selection of beautiful yarns, a range of wooden needles and a knitting expert. Anyone can come and learn the basics of knitting, get some practise in or just knit and chat. You'll leave the first session able to knit the basics stitches and with some ideas for your first projects. Friendly, welcoming and encouraging, our knit club is the perfect antidote to a busy hectic day.

Perfect for: Mindfulness and relaxation

TIMED: We'll show you the simplest methods of knitting to get you started as straight away. Our experienced knitting teacher will demonstrate on giant needles and then help everyone get started. You'll knit your first piece of knitted fabric, and you can even use it to make a little bag or cupwarmer!

DROP-IN: Sit down and join in with the knitting whenever you want. Our teacher will get you set up with the basics stitches, and be on hand to help you as you go. Just keep knitting and lose yourself in the mindful clicking of wooden needles.

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