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Mindfulness - Making Classic Macrame Planthangers

· Timed Activities

Macrame is such a fantastic craft, versatile, relatively quick, and so very pretty. It looks good in everything from kitchen string to leather cord,

Learn the two basic knots that form the basis of macrame, then apply them to create a classic macrame plant hanger. Working with chunky cord, you'll lose yourself in the rhythmic motions of creating ladders and spiral with just simple knots. The time flies by as you craft, and you'll be pulled away from thoughts of problems and issues, and your brain instead recharges as it focuses on the moment and the actions of your hands. Anyone at all can pick this up and make a planthanger

Good for:

Mindfulness, Active Rest

What's included

All the cord and a wooden hoop you need for your plant hanger

A cotton tote to take your work home

Instruction booklets and more macrame patterns to take home

Options to include a plant pot and plant



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