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Mindfulness - Sculpt a Pompom Creature

· Timed Activities,For Mindfulness

If you though a pompom was something kids made with cardboard and wool it might be time to think again. You can make a pretty basic pompom, or you can sculpt something extra cute.

First you'll learn how to wrap yarn to create the colourful facial features, then how to trim your round pom into a critters face. You'll be surprised how engrossing the snip-snip-snipping of the wool becomes, as you tweak and fine tune to allow a face to appear in your hands.  Finally you'll use a felting needle to sculpt the ears and fix your critters face in place. It may sound complex, but in reality it's a beginners project and you'll be able to complete it comfortable.

So come along and try the most mesmerising craft you've come across, and then watch your friends gawp when you show them what you've made. These poms make the perfect bag charm, but really it doesn't matter what you use them for because they're adorable.

Perfect for:


What's included:

- lots of yarn to choose from and all the materials you need
- a colour instruction booklet
- a cotton tote to take all your work and new kit home in

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