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The Cutest Kids Activities

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When you think of kids crafts you might think a sticky mess of felt tips and white glue ... but it doesn't have to be that way! We can design Instagrammable kids activities that stay the fun side of messy. Let us design a creative craft in your colours, themes or products to make something just for you and the special little ones you're entertaining.

Our drop-in kids activities look and feel premium, so tell us your theme and let us get creative with it. Our hosts are carefully recruited and vetted so your risk assessment worries can be laid to rest - but do bear in mind that we can't take care of the children without their parents or carers (we don't offer child-minding services) but we make sure the activities are fun for everyone involved! We've had Dads and sons make matching flying google and kids making their Mums gorgeous crowns for Mothers Day. Just so sweet!

Perfect for :

Influencer events, retail activations or any family event or celebration

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