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The Relaxing Art of Felting

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Felting is one of those immersive crafts where the hours just fly by. People who try it for the first time talk of how the felting needle dips in and out of the wool and the pad beneath with an incredibly satisfying scrunch, and how rewarding it is to see your pattern gently emerge. It's not the most well-known of crafts, but it's been around for years and has a long tradition in Europe as a decorative art.

The process is simple, you simply stab wool repeated with a little felting needle until the wool meshes together into felt. The felt sticks to whatever fabric you're felting onto, and makes beautify shapes and patterns. It's also perfect for beginners because you simple pick up the needle and start felting.

It really is the most addictive, therapeutic craft, and you can felt onto so many things, from jumpers to cushions. Your booking includes a felting kit to take home, so you can carry on the craft on the train, at home, at your desk …well anywhere really!
What's included for each participant:
A canvas bag
All the yarn you need
A felting needle, needle holder and sponge to take home
Unlimited hot drinks and refreshments

Great for: relaxation and mindfulness

TIMED: This works well as a timed session, and can last from 45 minutes to three hours - the only problem is getting people to stop! You can felt onto cotton tote bags, canvas zip pouches, or event your own jumper.

DROP-IN: This works just as well as a drop-in activity, because the basic technique can be mastered immediately. The dwell time is around 45 minutes which is a bit longer than some other drop-in activities

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