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Wrap Battle! Learn to wrap like a pro

Make your Christmas presents extra special this year with some expert wrapping techniques! Our expert will teach you all sorts of easy but impressive origami wrapping techniques, so you can wrap footballs, teddies and every type of plastic pack you can think of! When you've had a bit of fun experimenting with your new skills, challenge each other to a Wrap Battle and see who does it best! We'll provide the wrapping materials and some odd-shaped things to wrap up

Great for : Socialising

TIMED: This activity works best as a timed session, lasting about an hour and a half. Split your group into teams (we can pick them randomly for you if you prefer!) and then work together to get the hang of the three origami wrapping techniques our teacher demonstrates. When everyone's had a practise, there's a race against the clock for the teams to wrap a selection of odd-shaped items. The winners are judged based on skill and speed! The session lasts about 1.5 hours including the Wrap Battle at the end.

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