• Team building, wellbeing and rewards

    Use our craft activities to provide a positive, mindful and creative experience that draws people together

  • What We Do

    Team Building

    Unusual, inclusive activities for teams

    Creative activities at away days and team building events are an excellent way to rediscover your own colleagues. They can change up the usual dynamic of a team, giving people a chance to shine in different and unexpected ways.


    Wellbeing Activities

    Activities designed to help you reset and relax

    An alternative to yoga and the gym, making something with your hands is an excellent way to actively rest, inspire creativity and develop mindfulness skills.


    Rewards and Benefits

    Unusual creative perks and rewards

    Our sister company London Craft Club provides beautiful creative workshops that anyone can enjoy as a reward – talk to us about staff discount codes or perks programs. See all the events here

  • All our packages include:

    • A consultation call on the types of activities that might best meet your team’s needs and your objectives
    • Useful internal comms content to help you get your staff engaged with the activity
    • Help collecting feedback and evaluation data, in your format or ours, digitally or on paper
    • Options to scale up or down to fit your team, from 15 to 150+ participants at a time
    •  UK-wide reach - our teams currently cover London, Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool, Cumbria, Exeter, Glasgow, Edinburgh and Cardiff and more
    • A generous provision of high quality materials so even the last participants have plenty of choice
    • PAT tested equipment, £10m Public Liability Insurance cover, Risk Assessments, Method Statements prepared and DBS checked staff where appropriate. 

  • Dive deeper in to the benefits of making

    Why craft, creativity and making are good for everyone, and how you can benefit from that.

  • Our Packages

    We have a craft package to suit every situation

    Drop-in activities

    Dip in to creativity when it’s convenient

    We’ll set up a pop-up craft activity at your venue or location, for anyone to drop by and try a creative activity for as little or as much time as they like. Perfect for an invigorating start to the morning, much like pre-work yoga, or for lunch and break out activities.
    “I’d never have thought crafting before work would set me up for such a good day” Jen, participant at Craft Breakfast


    Starts at £650+VAT

    Timed activities

    Learn a skill, and complete your first project

    We’ll provide a timed activity lasting from 1-3 hours, where everyone learns a new craft skill together. They complete their first project either as individuals, or in collaboration one project. Activities can focus on mindfulness, socialising, creativity or building working relationship.

    "I can't believe how much I enjoyed it, the time flew by" Matt, from our woodburning workshop


    Starts at:
    £39+VAT per head,
    minimum charge £650 + VAT

    Customisation activities

    Personalise gifts live at your event

    If you've got a product or promotional item you'd like to give to your teams, we can personalise them live for you or in advance. In front of your eyes you can add names, logos or words to fabric, glass, plastic, metal, and so much more

    "I made one for me and one for each of my kids, it's so cute!" Lois, Christmas bauble decorating event


    Starts at:

    £350 + VAT in advance,

    £650 + VAT live at your event


  • The Latest Craft Activities are here

    Our workshops are updated regularly to keep them fresh and new

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